SevenCs Releases ORCA Pilot X Software


SevenCs Releases ORCA Pilot X Software

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SevenCs, part of the ChartWorld Group, announced the release of ORCA Pilot X software. 

Originally designed as a primary navigation aid for Pilots, ORCA Pilot X is a tool for professional navigators. ORCA Pilot X is being offered as a free download on the Apple AppStore for iOS tablets.

SevenCs has a long tradition of developing bespoke navigation applications for pilots around the world. Following the feedback and input from many  users, SevenCs began the development of ORCA Pilot X as the natural evolution from ORCA Pilot G2.

Ralf Lehnert, SevenCs’ Director of Navigation Solutions commented, “Time and time again we were told there was a need for a completely fresh approach and redesign of the digital navigation aids to meet the ever-expanding professional needs of the Pilot community. We had a look at what was on the market, balanced that against what could be developed, and realized there was an opportunity to provide a system that included the best hardware and software, delivered a unique 3D Head-Up situational awareness mode, rapid installation of official ENCs and chart updates, bathymetric data, route planning, navigation, and docking modes.

ORCA Pilot X is available for free download on the Apple Store for iOS tablets.

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