The use for CCTV aboard ship is fast becoming an important aid to the safety and

security of the crew, passengers and the vessel itself. Whether your aboard a Trawler

or other fishing vessel, a private Yacht or even a luxury cruise liner CCTV has an important part to play.

AFT-DECK-VIEW: The deck view camera provides the operator with a good view of people working on deck, machinery and stowed equipment.

BRIDGE-WING/DRAGHEAD VIEW: The Bridge wing camera is used for observation of the ships gangways and for manoeuvring and mooring of the ship.

NIGHT VISION OBSERVATION-VIEW: The PTZ thermal image camera is a night vision camera used for warning the operator of any object that is approaching the vessel.

ENGINE/PUMP ROOM-VIEW: Detects oil spills or smoke forming, before any of the detection systems gives a warning.

FWD-VIEW/OVERFLOW: With a pan & tilt zoom camera the operator can have a view of the front part of the ship.

ANCHOR-WINCHVIEW: Checks if the cable is running properly onto the reel.