Dolphin Monitoring™ Technologies

MQTT Sparkplug/Tahu

Dolphin Monitoring™ with over 12 years of SCADA and Telemetry experience and now moving into Industrial IoT and the Digital Transformation by using Cirrus Link modules understands the technology necessary to enable and effectively manage data assets for real-time controls and industrial applications.

Cirrus Link solutions expose data to more applications and across the enterprise based on the efficient, open-standard MQTT protocol co-created by CTO Arlen Nipper.

Cirrus Link provides a modular approach to building enterprise-class applications with IIoT and SCADA software, Cloud Injectors, and MQTT servers. Cirrus Link created Sparkplug an open-source software specification, to help clients seamlessly integrate data between their sensors, devices or gateways and applications within an MQTT infrastructure. Sparkplug is rapidly becoming the standard for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to achieve cross industry interoperability and digital transformation.

IIoT Edge Gateway Software

Ignition Edge IIoT is software that turns virtually any embedded PC or field device, such as an industrial PC or even a Raspberry Pi, into a lightweight, MQTT-enabled, edge gateway¹ that works seamlessly with Ignition IIoT and Sparkplug enabled applications.  It is an affordable, lightweight, limited version of Ignition with its tools and environment supplied with the MQTT Transmission Module targeted for the edge providing the connectivity to data from PLCs, RTUs and other sensors.

Ignition Edge IIoT uses the highly efficient MQTT protocol to transmit data to any MQTT broker and supports the open-source Sparkplug data-encoding topic and payload specification.

Ignition Edge Onboard

Ignition Edge is powerful, MQTT-enabled, and designed specifically for use in industrial devices. That’s why a growing number of OEMs are installing and licensing Ignition Edge on their products as part of the Ignition Onboard program.