System Overview

Dolphin Monitoring ™ is state-of-the-art digital platform that connects your fleet. It collects live data and provides real time analytics that increase vessel’s operational efficiency. The aim is to provide insight to your fleet that will unlock your organization’s business potential. Easy to use, it enables faster decision making in day-to-day operations that optimize your efficiency.

The Platform

Dolphin Monitoring ™ source code runs on our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform. Hi Pro Electronics IIoT platform is a suite of components that enable remote data collection from connected devices and deployment of applications that monitor, manage, and control connected devices.

Hi Pro Electronics platform resides on the cloud as well as local servers onboard which collects data from various data acquisition units (navigation, ECR, CCR), local sensors and various standalone pieces of equipment onboard. Hi Pro Electronics platform plays a pivotal role in equipping our solutions with remote control and real-time monitoring functions, configurable alerts and notifications, pluggable cloud services, and integration with consumers’ smartphones and other devices.

Dolphin Monitoring™ allows a swift integration of 3rd party applications from other industry players into the platform. An integrated hardware and software solution is delivered and installed by Hi Pro Electronics personnel on your vessel as well as remote monitoring stations. The ruggedized hardware is built to endure typical harsh conditions aboard ships.

Hi Pro Electronics believes it’s essential to have secured end-to-end as built in and not just embedded. Security must permeate through all aspects of data collection including device booting, authentication, access control, firewall, transmission, updates, and patches. At Hi Pro Electronics, all internal communications of Dolphin Monitoring™ platform (i.e. ship to shore) and wherever data is transmitted over public internet, is fully encrypted using Industry solution on a secure MQTT Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) infrastructure.

In a multi-tenant environment, each customer’s data is isolated from others through a multi-tenant data architecture. Multi-tenancy is enforced by associating ship data to correct tenant(s) and, using a proprietary data access mechanism that enforces the separation of data by ship owners/operators.

Dolphin Monitoring™ & MQTT

The main purpose of the MQTT Transmission module is to bridge the OT/IT gap, mobilizing OT data for use within both OT and IT applications. It enables any source data on the Dolphin Monitoring Edge SCADA platform to be published via MQTT, transforming the tags and their properties into the Sparkplug MQTT Topic and Payload format to Edge Gateways. Dolphin Monitoring MQTT Transmission module also provides connectivity for tag data to connect to AWS Greengrass for Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics.
MQTT Transmission with Dolphin Monitoring inherently provide a data management tool. Using the Sparkplug specification means the data is sent securely and extremely efficiently resulting in highly responsive system updates. Dolphin Monitoring MQTT Transmission module also supports store and forward functionality, meaning when a failure such as the communication link to Dolphin Monitoring MQTT Server is detected time-stamped data will be held locally until the link re-establishes. Once reconnected, live data resumes and historic data is backfilled.

MQTT Benefits

  • OT IT Bridge mobilizing data for IIoT applications.
  • Provide Secure & Efficient connectivity of data.
  • Connect Dolphin Monitoring™ tags to AWS Greengrass for Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics
  • Store and forward when connection path is lost, data is stored and sent when is re-established.
  • Utilizes highly efficient report by exception MQTT Sparkplug to reduce bandwidth consumption and increase performance.