Automated Hull Performance Monitoring

Automated Hull Performance Monitoring

Monitor your hull performance and find out where you can improve.

Automated Hull Performance Monitoring provides continuous monitoring of hull performance characteristics of the selected vessel and all impacting parameters. The module allows users to track maintenance performed on the hull and compare hull conditions with respect to various user defined benchmarks. It further allows users to check consumption at various speeds while considering current loading (draft) and hull condition.


Key Features

  • Monitors hull performance continuously from delivery to docking.
  • Measures and displays impact of waves, wind and current.
  • Records baselining of hull performance in each loading condition.
  • Calculates fuel oil consumption at various speeds, current loading, and hull condition.



  • Real-time hull monitoring based on live data and corresponding FO consumption.
  • Enables hull condition benchmarking from delivery to docking.
  • Provides data-driven decision support and triggers hull cleaning advisory.
  • Helps identify FO consumption considering current hull condition and predicts consumption for upcoming voyages.