Dolphin Monitoring™ MOB – Mobile App

Dolphin Monitoring™ MOB – Mobile App

Get informed about your fleet anytime, anywhere.

Dolphin Monitoring™ MOB is an extension of the Dolphin Monitoring™ web application and provides users with accessible information on the vessel’s commercial, technical and navigation status.

The objective of the mobile app is to provide easy access to relevant vessel information on the MOB for our Dolphin Monitoring™ customers. Through the app, Dolphin Monitoring™ users can constantly monitor and keep track of the vessel’s progress in real-time and receive critical alerts. Users can make informed decisions on various vessel related activities and goals like asset health, charter party compliance, fuel efficiency etc.

With Dolphin Monitoring™ MOB, Dolphin Monitoring™ clients may:

  • Virtual overview of a ship daily operation.
  • Visualize ship’s operational parameters and performance data in real-time.
  • Get SMART Notification for critical alerts.
  • Track vessel fuel savings.
  • Make accurate and timely decisions to maximize vessel efficiency.

Shore personnel may also get alerted on compliance zones and manage their AI based predictive maintenance applications (i.e. detect failures early with dynamic alert mechanism, check asset health and RUL estimation). This smart MOB is a value-add to the current customers’ user experience on the Dolphin Monitoring™ platform.


Key Features

  • Delivers real-time vessel status, visualizations, and notifications.
  • Enables monitoring of vessel performance through apps.
  • Manage cases for communication with ship and shore personnel.
  • Provides access to user manual and video tutorials.



  • Easy on the go connectivity to Dolphin Monitoring™ web platform.
  • Higher engagement with ship through push notifications and data access.
  • Enhanced communication between parties.
  • Enables better remote monitoring of the ship’s operations.