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Dolphin Monitoring™ Real-time

Optimise your decisions with real-time voyage data such as vessel speed and fuel consumption.

Dolphin Monitoring™ Real-time software enables shore users to visualize ship’s operational parameters and performance data such as vessel speed, consumption, and essential voyage information in real-time.

Providing a real-time connection provides to office personnel a virtual image of the ship or fleet by viewing ship performance live as well as historically and drill down to individual parameters for each asset. Notifications related to fleet and ship(s) are available live, and analysis can be completed with the click of a button.

Key Features

  • 24/7 connection to vessel with real-time dashboards, analysis, notifications, and reports
  • Visualize equipment parameters in real-time and historically.
  • Provides live notifications from the ship about alerts and pre-set conditions.
  • Access intelligent analysis combining one or more parameters in real-time.
  • View 3rd party integrated weather parameters from the ship’s location.
  • Create cases for subsequent communication.


  • Access your ship anytime, anywhere.
  • 24/7 visibility of ship’s equipment and its condition
  • Reduce dependency on ship’s crew for condition monitoring.
  • Shore staff can assist ship’s crew better during emergencies.

Dolphin Monitoring™ MOB – Mobile App

Get informed about your fleet anytime, anywhere.

Dolphin Monitoring™ MOB is an extension of the Dolphin Monitoring™ web application and provides users with accessible information on the vessel’s commercial, technical and navigation status.

The objective of the mobile app is to provide easy access to relevant vessel information on the MOB for our Dolphin Monitoring™ customers. Through the app, Dolphin Monitoring™ users can constantly monitor and keep track of the vessel’s progress in real-time and receive critical alerts. Users can make informed decisions on various vessel related activities and goals like asset health, charter party compliance, fuel efficiency etc.

With Dolphin Monitoring™ MOB, Dolphin Monitoring™ clients may:

  • Virtual overview of a ship daily operation.
  • Visualize ship’s operational parameters and performance data in real-time.
  • Get SMART Notification for critical alerts.
  • Track vessel fuel savings.
  • Make accurate and timely decisions to maximize vessel efficiency.

Shore personnel may also get alerted on compliance zones and manage their AI based predictive maintenance applications (i.e. detect failures early with dynamic alert mechanism, check asset health and RUL estimation). This smart MOB is a value-add to the current customers’ user experience on the Dolphin Monitoring™ platform.


Key Features

  • Delivers real-time vessel status, visualizations, and notifications.
  • Enables monitoring of vessel performance through apps.
  • Manage cases for communication with ship and shore personnel.
  • Provides access to user manual and video tutorials.



  • Easy on the go connectivity to Dolphin Monitoring™ web platform.
  • Higher engagement with ship through push notifications and data access.
  • Enhanced communication between parties.
  • Enables better remote monitoring of the ship’s operations.

Total Fuel Oil Consumption

Review the data to enhance total fuel oil consumption on every voyage.

Dolphin Monitoring™ Total Fuel Oil Consumption (TFOC) module optimizes the total fuel oil consumption over a period by simultaneously evaluating vessel speed. Automatic monthly reporting for fuel consumption, engine use, speed & distance.

Dolphin Monitoring™ system increases operational efficiencies and reduces costs using real-time and historical consumption at one-minute resolution, analytics tools, and operational alerts without additional capital investment or human interference.

Key Features

  • Tracks ships Fuel Oil Consumption in real-time
  • Optimizes total fuel oil consumption for every voyage with heading and speed guidance.
  • Evaluates over 80 million combinations to calculate most effective fuel consumption.
  • Creates scenario-based evaluations of fuel consumption based on speed and weather.
  • Benchmarks against a given guideline, such as charter party demands or hull performance.



  • 5-10% running costs savings.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and CO₂
  • Real-time visibility of your fleet for on shore personnel
  • Enables energy efficiency benchmarking.
  • Meet charterer’s demands and makes the ship commercially attractive.

Automated Hull Performance Monitoring

Monitor your hull performance and find out where you can improve.

Automated Hull Performance Monitoring provides continuous monitoring of hull performance characteristics of the selected vessel and all impacting parameters. The module allows users to track maintenance performed on the hull and compare hull conditions with respect to various user defined benchmarks. It further allows users to check consumption at various speeds while considering current loading (draft) and hull condition.


Key Features

  • Monitors hull performance continuously from delivery to docking.
  • Measures and displays impact of waves, wind and current.
  • Records baselining of hull performance in each loading condition.
  • Calculates fuel oil consumption at various speeds, current loading, and hull condition.



  • Real-time hull monitoring based on live data and corresponding FO consumption.
  • Enables hull condition benchmarking from delivery to docking.
  • Provides data-driven decision support and triggers hull cleaning advisory.
  • Helps identify FO consumption considering current hull condition and predicts consumption for upcoming voyages.

Predictive Maintenance

Act pro-actively using the realistic predictive methods that detect failures and prompt maintenance.

Dolphin Monitoring™ ProAct module is a marine specialized application based predictive maintenance solution that provides real-time insights, detects failures early and prescribes maintenance actions using continuous monitoring technologies, machine learning techniques, and big data analytics. The predictive maintenance model is processed with a 360° view of asset utilization by using a combination of marine engineering and data analytics. The module runs on a real-time basis, learns from sensor data of associated assets, and utilizes the right machine learning algorithm to provide actionable insights. The user-friendly dashboard incorporates an alert mechanism to identify performance degradations early and guides users to understand the root cause and take appropriate action.


Key Features

  • Advanced anomaly detection using machine learning.
  • Intelligent early alerting mechanism with actionable recommendations.
  • Online equipment performance analysis reports.
  • Shop trial comparison against current performance.
  • Mobile application (Android & iOS) support.
  • Assess current health and estimate remaining useful life (RUL) of equipment (Plus version).
  • Maintenance log with ERP integration (Plus version).



  • Increases asset reliability and availability.
  • Optimizes maintenance costs and improves maintenance planning.
  • Mitigates operational risks.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership.
  • Provides continuous visibility of asset condition.

SMART Analytics

Understand your fleet’s performance across a range of metrics.

SMART Analytics is an intelligent Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that shows both fleet and ship – specific performance metrics allowing users to view live ship performance against sea/shop benchmarks, historical data, and other ships in the fleet. The module provides key insights related to asset utilization, commercial, and operational performance parameters.


Key Features

  • Logs and displays KPIs daily, monthly, and by voyage.
  • Create customizable KPI dashboards.
  • Compare performance against sea/shop trials, historical data, and other vessels in fleet.
  • Compare performance against global benchmarks of similar vessel types.



  • Ship performance visibility and transparency based on real-time data.
  • Improve decision making with insights on every ship’s performance metrics.
  • Compare vessels within fleet and against global trends.

Charter Party Dashboard

Get a one-click overview of charter party performance throughout your fleet.

Charter Party Dashboard provides a one click overview of Charter Party performance for all ships in the fleet. The dashboard is built by continuous monitoring of all constituents of a charter party, such as speed, consumption, wave, wind, current and deviation from route. A traffic light system is used to display compliance or non-compliance providing immediate overview. A deep drill down to detailed time series data is available ship wise for each constituent parameter.


Key Features

  • Provides a quick overview of charter party performance for all ships in fleet.
  • Traffic light system for summary information, detailed drill down possible with a click.
  • Continuous monitoring of charter party parameters (speed, consumption, weather) available in a single dashboard.
  • Provides the possibility to include manual information related to a particular parameter.
  • Ability to integrate with wave radar for very accurate measurement of wave, current and speed through water information.



  • Improved fleet wide monitoring of charter party parameters onboard and onshore.
  • Complete transparency and reduced communication efforts and cost amongst multiple stakeholders.
  • Early identification of charter party non-compliance and execution of corrective measures.
  • Best possible weather information for ship’s location and side by side comparison of weather data from multiple sources.
  • Reduced cost of claims related to charter party.

SMART Notifications

Define, view, and subscribe to system alerts according to your role.

This functionality enables users to create, view, and subscribe to system notifications and alerts. The easy-to-use notification editor allows for the inclusion of business rules and math formulas to build intelligent alerts combining more than one parameter to evaluate conditional scenarios. Users will be able receive personalized alerts via Dolphin Monitoring dashboard, email, SMS, or mobile app, so they can be informed and act on what matters to their operational role.


Hi Pro Electronics provides a default set of notifications based on customer feedback, extensive experience and use cases collected.


Key Features

  • View intelligent alerts giving leading indications to an upcoming problem.
  • Enables the use of all integrated parameters and math function library to create customized conditional alerts.
  • Ability to subscribe to alerts via dashboard, email, or SMS.
  • Allows drill down analysis on the parameter causing the alert.



  • Receive timely and relevant alerts on ship, in the office, or on the go.
  • Prevent or mitigate equipment or operational issues.
  • Enhance ship crew’s ability to respond faster with collaboration of shore staff.