Generate equipment specific reports on demand with no crew interference.

Dolphin Monitoring™ provides the ability to generate reports on demand. Gone are the days when a shipowner had to wait for the noon report to find out the basic details regarding the vessel’s status. With Dolphin Monitoring™ the shore staff can pull the automated reports as and when they like. Moreover, he/she can trust the report (i.e. fuel consumption, ROB, position, etc.) as they come directly from equipment without any human interference.

Key Features

  • Aggregation and reporting of key parameters over a given period.
  • Standard reports and templates are included and generated on regular intervals.
  • Desired format can be customized and additional parameters included as per request.


  • Reduce/remove errors due to human entry.
  • Automated data pull from ship creates trust.
  • Time saving in manually creating templates and collation of parameters.
  • Reduces repetitive tasks for ship staff so they can focus on other valuable work.