Weather Tracking


Helps your crew navigate ECA zones with complete compliance.

Dolphin Monitoring™ solution has a unique application to display custom marine geofencing areas as map overlays which enables remote monitoring of the ships getting closer to these geographic areas and automatic detection of the ships entering or exiting these areas.

The application acts as a decision support system for ship staff and guides them to successfully enter and exit the zones without any non-compliance. The module automatically identifies ships entry and exit based on ship’s position and route information.

Key Features

  • Enables continuous visibility of ship’s position with map overlays of regulated zones (ECA, MARPOL, etc.).
  • Provides alerts prior to entering regulatory zones with documentation for the zone(s).
  • Calculates time for fuel changeover and notifies in advance.
  • Maintains event records with timestamps.
  • Provides ability to configure FO tanks and maintains sulphur record book.


  • Eliminate/reduce environmental and regulatory related violations.
  • Automated historical log of entry/exit of selected zones.
  • Improve company reputation.


Generate equipment specific reports on demand with no crew interference.

Dolphin Monitoring™ provides the ability to generate reports on demand. Gone are the days when a shipowner had to wait for the noon report to find out the basic details regarding the vessel’s status. With Dolphin Monitoring™ the shore staff can pull the automated reports as and when they like. Moreover, he/she can trust the report (i.e. fuel consumption, ROB, position, etc.) as they come directly from equipment without any human interference.

Key Features

  • Aggregation and reporting of key parameters over a given period.
  • Standard reports and templates are included and generated on regular intervals.
  • Desired format can be customized and additional parameters included as per request.


  • Reduce/remove errors due to human entry.
  • Automated data pull from ship creates trust.
  • Time saving in manually creating templates and collation of parameters.
  • Reduces repetitive tasks for ship staff so they can focus on other valuable work.