Charter Party Dashboard

Charter Party Dashboard

Get a one-click overview of charter party performance throughout your fleet.

Charter Party Dashboard provides a one click overview of Charter Party performance for all ships in the fleet. The dashboard is built by continuous monitoring of all constituents of a charter party, such as speed, consumption, wave, wind, current and deviation from route. A traffic light system is used to display compliance or non-compliance providing immediate overview. A deep drill down to detailed time series data is available ship wise for each constituent parameter.


Key Features

  • Provides a quick overview of charter party performance for all ships in fleet.
  • Traffic light system for summary information, detailed drill down possible with a click.
  • Continuous monitoring of charter party parameters (speed, consumption, weather) available in a single dashboard.
  • Provides the possibility to include manual information related to a particular parameter.
  • Ability to integrate with wave radar for very accurate measurement of wave, current and speed through water information.



  • Improved fleet wide monitoring of charter party parameters onboard and onshore.
  • Complete transparency and reduced communication efforts and cost amongst multiple stakeholders.
  • Early identification of charter party non-compliance and execution of corrective measures.
  • Best possible weather information for ship’s location and side by side comparison of weather data from multiple sources.
  • Reduced cost of claims related to charter party.