Total Fuel Oil Consumption

Total Fuel Oil Consumption

Review the data to enhance total fuel oil consumption on every voyage.

Dolphin Monitoring™ Total Fuel Oil Consumption (TFOC) module optimizes the total fuel oil consumption over a period by simultaneously evaluating vessel speed. Automatic monthly reporting for fuel consumption, engine use, speed & distance.

Dolphin Monitoring™ system increases operational efficiencies and reduces costs using real-time and historical consumption at one-minute resolution, analytics tools, and operational alerts without additional capital investment or human interference.

Key Features

  • Tracks ships Fuel Oil Consumption in real-time
  • Optimizes total fuel oil consumption for every voyage with heading and speed guidance.
  • Evaluates over 80 million combinations to calculate most effective fuel consumption.
  • Creates scenario-based evaluations of fuel consumption based on speed and weather.
  • Benchmarks against a given guideline, such as charter party demands or hull performance.



  • 5-10% running costs savings.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and CO₂
  • Real-time visibility of your fleet for on shore personnel
  • Enables energy efficiency benchmarking.
  • Meet charterer’s demands and makes the ship commercially attractive.